Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am He

I am
I am He
The one
The creator
I am the beginning and I am the end
I am all powerful
All seeing
All knowing
All being
I am not a God
Rather I am the God
I am He
The one
The only
The truth and the light
I am in every sound, every smell, every sight
In every sensation
For I created sensation
I am He
The one
Who created all things
Every atom, every cell
Every particle and molecule
All things that have breath have breath from my name
Every creature
Every fish
Every bird
Every plant
Were born from my hands
My mind
My heart
I am He
The one
Who created Man
And boy
With capacity for love
For compassion
For joy
I am He
The one
The designer of planets
The author of galaxies
The artist who determined where each star
And moon
And comet should go
To create the universe
My universe
My own
I am He
The one
The creator
The keeper
The owner
I am God

And I am weak
I am poor
And sick
I am bruised
I am beaten
And kicked
I am that loner who everyone mocks
Who no one has time for
That is me
I am He
I am the deaf girl who nobody signs for
The mute child who nobody speaks for
I am blind
I’m mentally ill
The man on the street who is ignored by passer-by after passer-by.
That is me
The jailed criminal who everyone has given up on
That is me
I am the abandoned
The lost
The failed
The failure
That is me
I am He
I am the enslaved
The used and abused
I am hungry
I am naked
I am homeless
That is me
I am He

And you helped me
The man who fell and you picked up
That was me
You did it to me
I was the blind woman you helped across the road
The sick child you looked after
The lonely teenager you had dinner with.
Every time you love
And care
And nurse
And take care of
Every time you show compassion
Every time you go out of your way to make someone feel appreciated
And valued
And wanted
That is me
You do it for me
When you speak out and demand justice
That is me
It’s my justice you’re campaigning for
When you plant your feet and say “enough is enough!”
And you throw your head back and cry “freedom for all!”
That is me
I am he
I am the slave you fight to set free
When you comfort the hurting
And cry with the mourning
Spend time with the dying
Give food to the starving
When you give up and suffer
For the least of these
When you sacrifice and sweat
For the poor and diseased
That was me
I am He
You did these selfless things for me

And I thank you
I thank you for taking the time
I thank you for visiting me
In hospital
In prison
When I was alone
I thank you for inviting me round
To share your company
Your food
Your home
I thank you for stopping
For sitting with me
Eating with me
For taking time to pray for me
I thank you for taking my arm and helping me walk
For taking my words and helping me talk
Thank you for never giving up on me
For believing in me
For seeing all the things that I could and should be
I thank you specifically
For being with me at the back of the class and helping me learn
Thank you for teaching me
For feeding me
For showing me how to feed myself
For refusing to let me live on the shelf
For taking me down
And making what was bad good
For spending time with me when no one else would
For all these things you’ve done for me
I thank you
Thank you
Thank you
And I welcome you to my kingdom

Copyright © 2007 Glyn Harries

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