Sunday, November 23, 2008

When I Leave

When I leave this place
The music will continue
The lights will follow me
The masses, the crowds of like-minded people
On fire
Quaking with anticipation
They will join me
When I leave this place
My heart will stay the same
It will not shift, become downtrodden
Consider sin.
It will not lust after the things it will never have
It will rest in this place.
When I leave here I will walk with you
Holding tight to your hand,
Never leaving your side
I will walk with my chest out and my head held high.

When I leave this place
I will cry out hallelujah and the world will respond.
Communities will sit on the edge of their seats,
Waiting for my return.
Waiting to hear what I have to say
And I will know the words
When I leave this place my speech will be loaded with salt
Poetry will flow from my tongue
My dialogue will change minds
And hearts will break and mend at my discourse
When I leave this place
People will ask for evidence
And I will give them proof
I will call on you and you will show your face
When I leave here you will be known.
You will be seen
You will be heard
Through me
Through the music, the lights, the crowds, the words
You will be acknowledged, praised, worshipped, adored
When I leave this place
There will be no more doubt
All evidence of a godless world will be removed
Your followers will act like you
Your enemies will bow to you
The world will love you as you love it.
When I leave this place
It will be exactly like this
And you will be the only thing that matters
When I leave this place
The real world will disappear
And I will never wake up.
Copyright © 2008 Glyn Harries

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